Our goal is to boost your efficiency:

MCS being an independent engineering enterprise and corporate consultancy gives your projects a boost into the future !

In order to achieve this MCS does audits for specific projects and performs technical and process-technical system- and networking analysis of your connected infrastructure. The analysis of your existing solutions and location of weaknesses provides us with the ability to transform and refine migration strategies and solution concepts.

Networking Projects can be executed under the umbrella of MCS being the Main Contractor.

Project designs are developed, existing infrastructures and software as well as client-server solutions are being reviewed, and necessary changes are implemented.

Security + Protection Methods of your current Internet- eCommerce LAN- or VPN-Situation are reviewed and optimised and if required new Monitoring-Structures are put in place.

We are an experienced Training and Education-Partner of IBM, the University of Wollongong, RedHat and Siemens and offer education projects for staff and managers.

We are focused on optimising and reviewing networking-topologies ranging from Wireless and VPN-Solutions, Server-Structures of big Cloud Solutions and BPM and SOA WebServices Systems.

Benefit from the synergies by teaming up with us, profit from our experience.

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