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Kubernetes in the Enterprise -
your globally multi hosted hybrid solutions with cluster federated routing, loadbalancing and failover, stateless and stateful nicely integrated with your classic middleware such as MQ, DB2 and Websphere Liberty Continuous Delivery.

We help you design and build your resilient, decoupled and robust production ready enterprise solutions for the (mix of) Cloud Hosters of your choice.

MissionCompleted IT Services Ltd.
helps medium to large companies improve their usage of Information Technology (IT) in terms of it being a growth factor for your business via Business Process Management, SOA and Cloud Enablement.

What we do:
We analyse your business processes and infrastructures and are transforming and streamlining your IT with flexible, market-oriented innovation via IBMs Portfolio and Open Source Frameworks and Toolsets.

MissionCompleted.com in partnership with consultancy co-op LH-consultants has been active in the IT industry providing successful results since 1995.

We are an Engineering Enterprise providing Strategic Advice, our main specialities being:
Enterprise-Solution Design and Review, eCommerce-Projects, Content Management Systems,
BPM and SOA Transformations and the Conversion of Enterprise Solutions towards Cloud Enablement and cloud connected IoT Enterprise Solutions.

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