Services provided by MCS IT :

We are a leading consultancy for BPM optimized Enterprise Applications and Cloud Enabled Enterprise Solutions.

Whether you need an Analysis, Security-Check, an Audit or a Re-Design as well as Architectural Advice on best practises for Enterprise-IT-Solutions - we are competent in BPM, BPMN, SOA, ESB and IoT Solution-Architectures and the enterprise-based cloud space especially around Openstack and Docker.

We coach your Business and Technical Teams through enterprise transformations such as the introduction of Business Process Management into your organization.

Our strategic advice for getting the right vision and roadmap for your enterprise is of highest standard.

And we take your infrastructure and information security very seriously - with the main goal being optimum efficiency and governance for your business - while you are also aquiring new grades of freedom and agility.

More information is available by emailing or send us a message here.

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