IBM BPM V 8.55

IBM made it - the integration of BPM and Adaptive Case Management and with BPM Version 8.55

they made it beautiful !

... and they did a really awesome integration job - merging BPM, Blueworks Live, ACM, Lombardi and the BPM Process Servers with all their excellent epic SOA Functionality.

Distributed Teams who have the need to use BPM as well as Case Management will benefit most from this excellent innovative move.

So now we have an integrated and complete Product Suite for BPM - Business Process Manager V 8 with the ease of use for Process Modeling known from Lombardiís Process Designer - the beauty of a central Process Center as its Repository and the known excellent features of the Integration Designer - which many of you still might know under the name WebSphere Integration Developer.

The perfect environment for BPMN and SOA ESB based enterprise applications.

So get your Process Servers performing at new heights - let us help you integrate your existing investments into this new awesome context - refine transform and optimize your processes and get most value and agility via the synergy having Business Teams and Technical Teams working seamlessly together.

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